Organized Chaos: Nigerians vote for their next president

Here are some pictures I took in a school within Omole Estate (Ikeja, Lagos) where I voted for my preferred presidential candidate. The process could have been handled a whole lot better in my opinion. Accreditation started at 8am and I only spent 5mins to queue and have my index finger marked with green ink. The Polling Officers asked me to come back before 12.30pm in order to cast my vote and so I even came at 11.50am just in case. Lo and behold I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of civilians gathered in the school premises. Accreditation was still going on and eventually voting started by 1pm. It was Senior citizens first (or the aged citizens) and then other voters stepped up to the ballot boxes. Total time spent was just over 2 hours – not too bad I guess. At least I’ve voted and that’s what counts (and I hope they do count it!).

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