My Kryptonite: Nail Varnish

Urgh! If you want to see me lose the plot just lock me up in a room with an open bottle of nail varnish. The smell is absolutely horrendous and it gives me a headache after prolonged exposure. I think the only smell that comes close to this is the perfume appropriately named ‘Poison’ by Christian Dior (phwoar!). Surprisingly I don’t mind how it looks once it is applied on a girl’s fingernails/toenails. I also haven’t had any particular adverse reactions to it and so I can’t actually say I’m allergic. Other smells I can’t stand are damp, sweaty socks, old cheese, anything dead and unburied, farts (including my own) and halitosis. What can I say, I have a very sensitive nose!

About jollof

This is a funny Naija blog by a Nigerian blogger. My online name is Jollof and I am a young Nigerian male residing in Lagos. My contact email address is and my new blog address is
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