The Tourist – A true story

Back in 2006 I was at Vauxhall tube station in London waiting for my friend to purchase his train ticket. It was a busy afternoon like any other with all the human traffic rushing to and fro in front of me. As I waited by the side of the short queue at the ticket booth, a backpacker walked up to me and asked me if I needed a ticket. She was dressed in khaki trousers, a sleeveless top and her hair was dark brown, long and curly – she was beautiful…

She told me that she had these extra weekend travel tickets which she didn’t need. I already had my weekend travel tickets and getting another for free was of no benefit to me either. I told her politely that I didn’t need the free ticket, to which she smiled and hurried off to the descending escalator. My friend whom I had been waiting had must the whole show and after I told him what happened he said, “I think she likes you. You should’ve taken her number, man”. I didn’t believe him. But when he asked why of all the commuters she came up to me I was stunned. Without further delay I ran down the escalator to catch up with her. She was boarding the train and I jumped in – my friend managed to catch up too (but he was the last person on my mind at that point). I approached her, she smiled, I gave her my number and she said she knew to London so she didn’t have a mobile number. I learnt she was doing a short course before returning to Germany where she’s from. She was 5’10 (yes, without heels! and I’m 5’11 by the way). My friend and I got off the next stop and we said our goodbyes…hoping that she would call me.

2 days later on a Sunday afternoon I got the phone call I was eagerly waiting for. I was nervous, I had knots in my tummy and my palms got sweaty as we spoke. I asked if we could meet up that evening for a few drinks (as you do when you’re in London). We met up at a classy bar in Central London and had a few cocktails…nothing too mild of course. Unfortunately we got so carried away that we didn’t realize that she had missed the last train to her friend’s place where she lodged. It was almost 12 midnight and I wasn’t comfortable with her roaming unfamiliar territory. She wasn’t even used to the night buses and was worried she would miss her stop.  I did what any gentleman would do – I offered to let her sleep at my place – She agreed. I got ready to sleep on the couch like any gentleman would do – She disagreed (Huh?). She didn’t want to be more of inconvenience than she claimed she already was. Well, I did have to go to work the next day so maybe she had a point. I got under the covers next to her and on this cool October night we spooned. You know the OTLTA cliché? One Thing Led To Another – well, you can insert that here.

That was one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me in the course of using public transportation. You sometimes hear about these weird encounters but you never think it’ll happen to you. By the way, I hope you didn’t try to click on the *here* after the cliché…naughty 😀

About jollof

This is a funny Naija blog by a Nigerian blogger. My online name is Jollof and I am a young Nigerian male residing in Lagos. My contact email address is and my new blog address is
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